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Hazardous Chemistry for Streamlined Large Scale Synthesis
Hazardous Chemistry for Streamlined Large Scale Synthesis
The 2nd International Conference & Exhibition
04.11.2013 - 05.11.2013
Pullman Cologne - Cologne
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The ability to carry out hazardous chemistry at scale often leads to significantly shorter synthetic routes and to lower cost processes.

This international conference and exhibition has been designed to showcase synthetic chemistry involving hazardous reagents, intermediates and/or reaction conditions carried out on an industrial scale. Safety aspects and changes to reaction conditions to avoid dangerous operating conditions will be highlighted.

The conference will include examples involving:

  • azide and diazo chemistry
  • flow chemistry
  • pressure reactions such as carbonylations, halogenations
  • nitrations and nitro-compounds
  • organometallic chemistry
  • hydride reductions
  • chlorination and sulfonation chemistry
  • Vilsmeier chemistry

Presented by Industrial speakers from around the world - you will learn first hand how their experiences and knowledge can help you solve your next scale-up challenge!

  • Sunday 3 November 2013 - Registration & Setup

    15.00 – 17.30 Exhibition Set-up
     19.30 – 21.30 Speakers’ Reception

    Monday 4 November 2013 - Conference Day one

    08.15 Registration
    Morning Session Chair: Dr Will Watson, Scientific Update, UK
    08.55 Opening Remarks
    Yves Robin, ISOCHEM S.A.S, France
    Hazardous Chemistry or Hazardous Process: Where is the Hazard?
    09.45 Dr Robert Smith, Shasun Pharma Solutions Ltd, UK
    Hazard Evaluation in Drug Substance Development
    10.30 Coffee and Exhibition
    11.15 Miss Loretta Wong, Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences, Singapore
    Development of a Meso-scale Continuous Flow System for In-situ Formation of Organometallic Reagents
    12.00 Dr Urs Braendli, Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG, Switzerland
    Hazardous Reactions- a Useful Technology for Efficient Manufacturing of Various Heterocyclic Compounds
    12.45 Lunch and Exhibition
    Afternoon Session Chair: TBA
    14.00 Dr Ian Priestley, Syngenta Ltd, UK
    Large Scale Operation from Small Scale Data – are you sure it is safe?
    14.45 Dr Jasbir Singh, HEL Ltd, UK
    Scale-Up of Hazardous Chemistry with Thermal Runaway Potential, based on Laboratory Simulation of Accidents, using Special Aiabatic Calorimetric Methods
    15.30 Coffee and Exhibition
    16.15 Mr Jörg Schrickel, CABB AG, Switzerland
    (Continuous) Chlorination and Sulfonation – Surprisingly Sustainable
    17.00 Dr Hansjoerg Lehmann, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
    Enabling Technologies in Pharmaceutical R&D: Early Scale-Up of Hazardous Reactions using Continuous Flow Reactors
    17.45 End of Day One
    18.00 Welcome Reception
  • Tuesday 5 November 2013 - Conference Day Two

    Morning Session Chair: Dr Will Watson, Scientific Update
    08.55 Opening remarks
    09.00 Dr Bruno Schaub, Carbogen Amcis, Switzerland
    Scale-Up of Organometallic Reactions (metalations, enantioselective hydrogenations and metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions)
    10.00 Dr Jan Haller, Novasep Synthesis, Germany
    Unidentified Hazardous Properties of Chemical Reagents
    10.30 Coffee and Exhibition
    11.15 Dr Alistair Boyd, AstraZeneca, UK
    Addressing Hazards Relating to Vilsmeier Chemistry / Reductive Amination
    12.00 Dr Hiroshi Osato, Shionogi & Co Ltd, Japan
    Development of Safe, Scaleable Nitric Acid Oxidation and Reformatsky-Type Reaction
    12.45 Lunch and Exhibition
    14.00 Dr Zhe Wang, AbbVie Inc., USA
    Use of PAT and Modelling to Address Safety Concerns with Azide Formation
    14.45  Dr Lucia Gigante, InnoHub-SSI, Italy
    Thermoanalytical Investigation on the Root Causes of Accidents in Chemical Plants: Some Case Studies
    15.30  End of Conference
    • Process Research & Development Chemists
    • Chemical Engineers in Industry
    • Heads of Departments & Team Leaders
    • Hazardous chemistry specialists


  • How will you benefit from attending?

    • Hear key speakers experiences presented in detailed case studies.
    • Learn to design for efficiency and optimise your development objectives.
    • Access how industry strategies are evolving to meet today's challenges.
    • Learn how your peers are developing solutions to common problems.
    • Gather important information on technical developments and equipment.
    • Get up-to-date on current developments and future trends in pharmaceutical development.
    • Meet and network with the key people working in hazardous chemistry.
    • Save Your time by picking up essential tips from experts in their fields.

Fee Info

Conference Fee:
Academic Fee:
Exhibitor Fee:
£1500 for booth + attendee, £500 for extra attendees


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