Process Chemistry Live


Atom Efficient Reactions
14.06.2010 - 14.06.2010


One of a series of three 1.5 hour webinars held over three consecutive weeks, these webinars will provide a process R&D toolkit for performing carbon-carbon bonds.

The session is aimed at graduate and PhD chemists who want to gain a broad overview of the topic. It will be industrially focussed with case studies to exemplify useful techniques. Key reviews and some recent references will be given.

This webinar will focus on reactions in which simple molecules, such as aldehydes and ketones can be added to other functionality ( e.g olefins, aromatics) wherein there is no loss of any of the constituent atoms, resulting in high atom efficiency. Typical reactions are the Stetter reaction (similar to a Benzoin condensation in mechanism), Morita- Baylis-Hillman reactions and other non-named reactions which are extremely useful in synthesis. Examples of where these reactions have been used in industry will be provided ( eg use of the Stetter reaction in Atorvastatin manufacture). Asymmetric versions of these simple–to-do, but mechanistically complex, reactions will be explored.

Each session will cost £150 (+ VAT for UK attendees).  Or register for all three sessions for £350 (+ VAT for UK attendees).

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Start:    15.00  British Summer Time (GMT+1)
Finish:  16.30 British Summer Time (GMT+1)

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